things i likelike
Only caviar and oysters

"I mean, I’ve been a vegetarian for 9 years. I guess I ‘broke edge’ when I tried caviar. After that I was like, well I guess I’ll try oysters too."
-Jaclyn on her [almost totally] vegetarian diet

Still from Noah Shullman’s “The Dancer” : so glad I found this today
#repost from @hairstorystudio : getting a color consultation from @roxiedarling #beforethechop #hairstory #refreshrenew #redhead
My #hairstory is now up on the blog! Amazing Color by @kittycatmeyer and cut by the lovely @wessharpton Cant thank you enough @hairstorystudio #refreshrenew #redhead #thechop
Quads are too tight from today’s workout to go rock climbing in LIC, so instead I chose to study with a glass of rosé at @thelocalhostels Such a great energy in this place!
Served this soup with a roasted corn and tomato salad last night, but it makes a great breakfast too!  Chilled cantaloupe and Greek yogurt with Sriracha, basil and lime.
Bummer #honda #lincolncenter #whoops
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